What is the best attractant to attract foxes to my garden?

Foxes, with their agility and intelligence, often fascinate nature enthusiasts and gardeners eager to observe wildlife in their own environment. Attracting these elusive creatures to your garden can offer exciting moments of observation. Foxes are omnivorous and opportunistic animals, whose diet varies depending on what is available in their habitat. If you wish to encourage the presence of foxes in your garden, offering appropriate bait can be an effective strategy. In this perspective, several types of food can be used to attract foxes and stimulate their curiosity. Let's explore some bait options that can help make your garden attractive to these fascinating animals.



Raw meat: Foxes are opportunistic carnivores. Their natural diet includes a wide variety of prey, including small mammals, birds, insects, and even carrion. To attract foxes to your garden, you can use raw meat as bait. The meat pieces should be fresh to maximize their appeal. Avoid using spoiled meat, as this can cause health problems for foxes and attract other unwanted predators.

Fruits and vegetables: Although foxes are predominantly carnivorous, they sometimes incorporate fruits and vegetables into their diet. Berries, apples, pears, cherries, grapes, carrots, and sweet potatoes are attractive options. Foxes are drawn to the sweet smells of fruits and the crunchy texture of vegetables. By integrating these foods into your garden, you can attract these curious mammals. Fruits and vegetables not only offer a diverse diet but also a unique opportunity to observe fox behavior in their natural environment, thus enriching your gardening experience and appreciation of local wildlife.

Nuts and seeds: Foxes include nuts and seeds in their diet, with a particular preference for unsalted peanuts. By scattering these treats in your garden, you can attract these animals. Just make sure to place them in easily accessible and secure locations, to prevent them from being carried away by other opportunistic animals. This simple tactic can not only encourage the presence of foxes in your garden but also offer a unique opportunity to observe these fascinating mammals in their natural habitat.

Pet food: Foxes can be attracted to pet food, such as dog or cat kibble. However, it is important not to regularly feed foxes with these foods, as this can make them accustomed to human presence and cause dependency problems. If you choose to use pet food as bait, make sure to do so occasionally and responsibly.

Eggs: Foxes also feed on eggs, which they can find in bird nests or ground clutches. You can leave crushed eggshells in your garden to attract foxes. Make sure to crush them well so that foxes can access the content. Avoid leaving whole eggs, as this could encourage foxes to seek other bird nests in your garden.

If you want to attract foxes effectively, it is considered that using the fox attractant from Hunt Attract is the best available option. This product is designed to attract foxes to specific areas, making them easier to capture. It is very effective, with an attraction range of up to 2 kilometers, allowing it to attract foxes from considerable distances. Its irresistible scent and taste make it an essential tool for hunters. Moreover, this attractant guarantees 100% success, with an intense and persistent smell even in the most difficult weather conditions, including rain and snow.

Approved by the National Hunters Federation, this attractant is economical in terms of yield, with 500 baits capable of attracting up to 500 groups of foxes. The resealable bag allows use for up to 5 years at the base but this usage duration will depend on the user, and its application is simple, whether by dispersing it around trees, near burrows, or on trails. The fox attractant can also be used all year round and is entirely composed of ingredients of natural origin.