What bait to attract coypu?

Coypus are semi-aquatic rodents that primarily inhabit wetland areas, mainly feed on plants, and can be considered an invasive species in some regions. Their nocturnal behavior and adaptation to water make them fascinating animals to study.



To control them, it is essential to know how to attract them effectively. In this article, we will discuss the best baits for coypus and methods to use them effectively and ethically, such as:


Corn is a preferred bait for coypus. Whether in the form of cobs or grains, coypus are attracted to the texture and taste of corn. Corn cobs are particularly effective as they offer an interesting chewing experience for these animals. To maximize your chances, place corn cobs near areas frequented by coypus, such as pond banks or riverbanks.


Coypus appreciate apples, especially sweet varieties. Cut apples into pieces or use whole apples as bait. Make sure to strategically place them near burrows or paths frequented by coypus.


Carrots are another effective option for attracting coypus. By cutting them into pieces, you increase their appeal as coypus can consume them more easily. Place the carrots near points of access to bodies of water, as coypus are often active near water.

Dry bread:

Dry bread is a simple but effective bait for coypus. The taste and texture of dry bread attract them. For better effectiveness, tear the bread into pieces and place it near burrows or areas where you have spotted signs of coypu activity.


Earthworms are an enticing source of protein for coypus. You can find them in your garden or purchase them from a fishing store. Place them in traps or near coypu burrows to increase your chances of capture.

Fishing baits:

Fishing baits, such as mealworms, can also be used to attract coypus. These baits are usually available at fishing stores and are effective for capturing coypus that frequent aquatic areas.

Dead fish:

If you have access to dead fish, they can be an excellent bait option, as coypus also feed on fish. Place the dead fish near burrows or areas where you have observed coypu activity around water bodies.

Pet food:

Pet food, such as dog kibble or rabbit pellets, can also be used as bait. Coypus can be attracted to the smell of these foods. Scatter them strategically near burrows or coypu traffic areas.


Marshmallows are sweet and fluffy, which can attract coypus. You can use them as bait by placing them near burrows or areas frequented by coypus.

Leftover fruits and vegetables:

Coypus also eat leftover fruits and vegetables, so do not underestimate this option. Use kitchen leftovers as bait by placing them near burrows or places where you have observed signs of coypu activity.

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