How to use a pigeon attractant?

Pigeons are ubiquitous birds in many regions of the world, whether in urban or rural environments. In certain situations, it may be necessary to attract pigeons to a specific location or control them in some way. This is where the use of pigeon attractants comes into play – products designed to lure these birds to a particular spot. Whether you're creating a pigeon coop, improving pigeon hunting success, or managing their presence in a given area, here is a detailed guide on how to effectively use a pigeon attractant.



Choosing the attractant: The first step is to select the type of attractant that suits your objective. There are several types of pigeon attractants available on the market, including special seeds, corn-based baits, liquid attractants, and more. The choice will depend on the goal you want to achieve. For instance, if you want to attract pigeons to a coop, you might opt for special seeds. If you are a pigeon hunter, corn-based baits or liquid attractants may be more appropriate.

Location: Once you've chosen your attractant, it's crucial to determine where you want to attract pigeons. A pigeon coop, a perch, a pigeon hunting site, or any other specific location can be considered. Ensure that the location is suitable for your intended purpose and provides an environment conducive to pigeon attraction.

Preparing the location: Before applying the attractant, it's essential to prepare the location. Make sure it is clean and free from any competing food or attractants. Pigeons are more likely to approach the attractant you're using if they don't find other sources of food nearby. This may require cleaning the area beforehand.

Applying the attractant: Follow the instructions provided on the packaging of the chosen attractant carefully. The methods of application may vary depending on the type of attractant. Generally, you'll need to scatter the baits on the ground or in a suitable container. For liquid attractants, you may need to spread them on a surface or spray them as directed.

Patience: Attracting pigeons can take time, especially if the pigeons are not yet accustomed to the location you've chosen. Be patient and wait for the pigeons to start gathering around the attractant. This may take a few hours or even several days, depending on the pigeon population in the area.

Monitoring and maintenance: Once the pigeons begin to gather, it's crucial to regularly monitor the location. Replenish the attractant if necessary to maintain its effectiveness. Keep in mind that pigeons can become wary if the attractant is depleted, so ensure it's always available in sufficient quantity.

Compliance with local regulations: If you're using a pigeon attractant for hunting purposes, it's imperative to comply with all local regulations and hunting seasons in effect. You must also ensure you have the necessary licenses and permits to hunt legally. Violations of regulations can result in severe penalties.

Avoiding nuisances: Lastly, it's crucial to ensure that the use of the attractant does not create neighborhood or public health issues. Pigeons can become a nuisance if they are in excessive numbers or if their presence causes problems for other people or neighboring properties. Be responsible in your use of pigeon attractants to avoid creating problems.

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