How to correctly store your fox attractant?

Using a fox attractant can be an effective way to attract these animals for hunting or wildlife observation. However, for the attractant to work properly, it is important to store it correctly. We will examine in detail the steps to follow to store your fox attractant correctly and maintain its effectiveness for future use. 



Keep the attractant in its original container

Fox attractants are often sold in airtight containers to preserve their freshness and effectiveness. The containers are designed to prevent air and moisture from entering and degrading the product. Avoid transferring the product to another container, as this could alter its properties and reduce its effectiveness.

The original containers are also labeled with important information such as the expiration date, ingredients, and usage instructions. By keeping the attractant in its original container, you can easily access this information and ensure that you are using the product correctly.

Keep it cool

Fox attractants should be stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. High temperatures can degrade the active ingredients of the attractant and reduce its effectiveness.

A garage, basement, or refrigerator are appropriate places to store the attractant. If you store the attractant in a refrigerator, make sure to seal it tightly in a container to avoid unwanted odors. Refrigerators are often used to store food, so it is important to ensure that the attractant does not contaminate the food and is not contaminated by it.

Avoid freezing

Although fox attractants should be kept cool, they should not be frozen. Freezing can alter the texture and effectiveness of the product. If you store the attractant in a refrigerator, make sure that the temperature does not drop below 0 degrees Celsius.

If you live in an area where temperatures regularly drop below zero, you may need to take additional precautions to prevent the attractant from freezing. You can store the attractant in an insulated container or add an antifreeze agent to prevent the product from freezing.

Keep it out of reach of children and pets

Fox attractants may contain ingredients that are harmful to humans and pets. Make sure to store the product in a safe place and out of reach of children and pets. Store it in a locked cabinet or on a high shelf where children and pets cannot access it.

If you are using the attractant for hunting, make sure to follow local regulations regarding the use of baits and attractants. Some areas have strict rules regarding the use of attractants for hunting, so it is important to find out about local regulations before using the product.

Check the expiration date

Fox attractants have a limited shelf life. Check the expiration date on the packaging and use the product before this date to ensure its effectiveness. If you use an expired attractant, it may not work properly and attract foxes as intended.

Avoid cross-contamination:

 If you are using tools to apply the attractant, make sure to clean them thoroughly before and after each use to avoid cross-contamination. Bacteria and fungi can grow on dirty tools and contaminate the attractant, reducing its effectiveness.

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